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Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™ is a dedicated radiosurgery system used in the stereotactic irradiation of intracranial structures. Surgery is achieved by delivering a prescribed dose as one or several shots of ionizing radiation to the exact site of the target. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is the most precise form of radiation therapy with an accuracy better than 0.3 mm guaranteed over life (with Platinum service contract). Icon treats a broad range of brain disorders with the lowest dose to normal tissue. Icon is equipped with integrated stereotactic Cone Beam CT (CBCT) imaging and software to continuously control the dose delivery. Icon provides several workflow options and adaptation possibilities to each individual case. The system enables multiple or single sessions, frameless and frame-based immobilization – always with the same high level of accuracy. Leksell Gamma Knife Icon introduces a number of new innovations such the following: 

Adaptive DoseControl 
Adaptive DoseControl™ is a comprehensive concept that confirms accuracy and ensures the precision of treatment delivery. Integrated with the control system, it gives total control through the entire process and permits real-time clinical decision-making at the time of treatment. DoseControl consists of two elements; Real-time HD Motion Management and Real Dose Delivery. 

Real-time HD Motion Management 
With Icon, the same precision can be achieved with frameless and frame-based immobilization. The intra-fraction motion management system monitors the patient in real time during treatment with 0.15 mm accuracy, six times better than industry standard. If the patient moves out of the pre-set threshold, the system’s gating functionality instantly blocks the radiation. 

Real Rose Delivery 
The unique integrated stereotactic CBCT is a new addition to Icon. Calibrated to the patient positioning system, it determines stereotactic coordinates in 3D, using bony anatomy. After co-registering the images from the CBCT and MR, the treatment plan automatically adapts to any needed correction in patient position. Thanks to the unique dose delivery attributes of Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, the system can adapt to patient rotation shot by shot, without any added mechanical uncertainty, 

Online Dose Evaluation 
The online Dose Evaluation enables the user to compare the dose distribution that is about to be delivered to the dose that is planned to be delivered. This is done right at the console and if needed, the plan can be adapted online quickly and easily. 

Leksell GammaPlan 
For Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, the seamless integration between Leksell GammaPlan®, the stereotactic CBCT, and the management system. With Leksell GammaPlan a full treatment plan can take just minutes to complete, even for complex cases. Inverse planning automatically optimizes the plan. Dose sculpting enables the precise handling of complex targets, and with Dynamic Shaping, critical structures are protected. The Convolution™ module accounts for different tissue types when the dose is being calculated. 

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