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Patient-Focused high field high resolution Technology 1.5T

NCCI is pleased to announce establishment of high strength MRI 1.5T with all its advanced capabilities. The Vantage Elan 1.5T MR system provides the high quality imaging that is the Toshiba standard in a compact system that saves space and minimizes system operating costs with Eco mode. This efficient functionality combined with tools to improve patient experience makes the Elan 1.5T ideally suited to the needs of both patients and doctors.

Compact Footprint: The Vantage Elan magnet and couch fit in a footprint of 23 square meters
Non-Contrast Imaging: MR system with a complete suite of contrast-free MRA techniques
Eco-Friendly: Reduced energy consumption
Excellent homogeneity
Advanced magnet design
Advanced shielded gradient coil
Less than 2ppm in 50 cm DSV
Zero helium boil-off

Magnetom Cocerto Open to Everyone.
Magnetom. That´s work that flows, image quality that convinces, and patient comfort that truly satisfies. Increased healthcare quality, seamless workflow, and low operating costs all promote a high return-on-investment.
Confidence in diagnosis due to supreme image quality at 0.35T
Comparatively low power consumption and operating cost
Outstanding patient comfort with the most open, compact C-shaped magnet
Field strength —– 0.35 Tesla
Bore size —– 270° accessibility
Pole diameter —– 137 cm
Minimum room size —– 30 m2
RF —– 4 independent receive channels
Gradient strength —– (24 mT/m @ 55 T/m/s).

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