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Rapid development in neuro-imaging, stereotactic techniques

Decade have contributed to improved results and wider applications of radiosurgery. The role of radiosurgery has expended beyond its initial applications. Synergy-S is the ideal extra-cranial complement to Leksell Gamma Knife as combination of both creates stereotactic center of excellence. Synergy-S is dedicated for intra-cranial and extra-cranial applications. Synergy-S is an image guide robotic linear accelerator that combines high conformance beam shaping with exclusive 3D adaptive image guided radiation (1GRT) surgery and radiation therapy.

It works like Gamma Knife having head frame, body fix imaging, image planning and special modality of self-imaging planar fluoroscopic event/ and 300-ray volume imaging. Its own table to confirm the target and then treatment either radiosurgery or radiotherapy over confirmed target. It has maximum accuracy in advanced stereotactic radiosurgery with reference to spinal applications like spinal metastasis. Its fluoroscopic image modality prior to treatment helps to minimize the risk of set-up error by Identifying critical structured during treatment, thus compensating organ motion like heart, lungs, and abdominal structures.

Having Synergy-5 mufti leaves (micro-macro) collimetry system work automatically with powerful software driven 2D & 3D image-guided accuracy enables clinicians, neurosurgeons to apply SRS, effectively for small field and large field lesions whether intra cranial or extra cranial.

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